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"Impact of citrus flavanones on thyroid homeostasis and lipid status of old-aged rats"

31st October 2017, 14.00

IBISS Library

The Serbian Neuroscience Society, in collaboration with the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, is organizing the 7th Congress with international participation. The Congress will be held in the congress hall of the Serbian Acadamy of Arts and Sciences, on 26th and 27th October, 2017. The audience will have an opportunity to listen to 28 distinguished local and foreign lecturers, and attend 5 differently themed symposia: translational approach in neurological disorders, neuroinflammation, interaction between the central nervous system and periphery, brain and behavior, and neuroplasticity.

Prof. Dr. Milena Kataranovski, Depertment of ecology IBISS, and Dr. Đorđe Miljković, Depratment of Immunology IBISS, organize the Simpozijum "Strain specificity as an immunological research tool", to mark the 70th anneversery of the Institute for Biological Research "Siniša Stanković".


Time: 25 October 2017, 10.00

Venue: IBISS Library

"Morphological variation of kinetic head skeleton and pileus in snake from the genus Natrix (N. natrix and N. tessellata)"

19th October 2017, 15.00

IBISS Library


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