#173012 Dynamics of gene pool, genetic and phenotypic variability of populations, determined by the environmental changes

The research within the project OI173012 refers to population-genetic processes as a basis of micro-evolutionary changes, with its fundamental aspect within population and conservation biology, and applicability in fields of biodiversity protection and conservation. It covers studies of integrated population response in spatial and time environmental changes, environmental and genomic stress from the aspect of genetic and phenotypic variability. Considering the relationship of the genetic diversity and evolutionary potential of populations, the data obtained for genetic and phenotypic diversity will provide insight of potential of the populations to respond to environmental changes. One aspect includes research and monitoring of genetic structure of natural populations of Drosophila, as well as adaptive response of laboratory populations, which both allows understanding of mechanisms and adaptive potential of variability. Results allow extrapolation to natural populations which cannot be experimentally reared. Also, the research covers monitoring of phenotypic and genetic variability of Syrphidae and Culicidae from wider region of Europe, with the goal of elucidating evolutionary potential of space and time fragmented species. The research allows understanding of the environmental and genomic interactions, as well as processes and adaptation to climate change, pollution, habitat fragmentation. They have fundamental aspect in population biology, and application value in biodiversity conservation and maintenance.

Project team:

Dr. Marko Anđelković, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, project leader

Institute for Biological Researches "Siniša Stanković", University of Belgrade:

Dr. Marina Stamenković Radak

Dr. Tatjana Savić

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Dr. Bojan Kenig

Dr. Aleksandra Patenković

Dr. Marija Tanasković

Dr. Slobodan Davidović

Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade:

Dr. Marija Savić Veselinović

Dr. Mihailo Jelić

Dr. Sofija Pavković Lučić

Jelena Trajković

Faculty of Science, University of Novi Sad:

Dr. Vesna Milankov

Dr. Jasmina Ludoški

Dr. Ljubinka Francuski

Marko Đurakić


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