CMST COST Action TD0905 Epigenetics: Bench to Bedside, 2010-2014

The main objective of this Action is to further our understanding on gene regulation processes. It will contribute, besides to the basic science, to the chemical biology of epigenetics. This will lead to a better understanding of developmental and cellular biology and provide information for the development of novel therapeutic agents against diverse human diseases.

Epigenetics is the science relating to changes in biological phenotype without an underlying change in the organism's genome. Epigenetic changes are orchestrated by enzymes that modulate chromatin structure by covalently altering DNA or histone proteins. These post-translational modifications are dynamic, and regulate the pattern of gene expression and repression. Progress in understanding these global processes of gene regulation will greatly improve our understanding of developmental and cellular biology, and provide leads for novel therapeutic agents against diverse human diseases. Chemistry has a major role to play in epigenetics by providing analytical techniques, diagnostic and molecular probes but current efforts are uncoordinated and led by individual investigators. The Action will unite synthetic chemists and chemical biologists working in epigenetics, and attract new researchers to the area. The Action will feature a unique cross-disciplinary approach that brings together chemists, biologists, pharmacologists and clinicians. This will enable a focus on both innovative and translational science that targets grand challenges within this area. The Action will feature participation from academia, multinational pharmaceutical companies and small to medium enterprises.

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