BMBS COST Action BM1307 - European network to integrate research on intracellular proteolysis pathways in health and disease (PROTEOSTASIS), 2014-2018

Intracellular proteolysis is critical for cell homeostasis and to prevent pathologies such as cancers, immune diseases and neurological disorders. Its involvement in the control of almost every biological process has generated a huge interest amongst scientists from very diverse backgrounds, which in turn has resulted into both a tremendous advance of our knowledge and an important fragmentation of the field. The Action will coordinate and integrate the efforts made by European research teams to better understand intracellular proteolysis and to translate novel discoveries into products of clinical and/or economical values. It will gather all European academic, clinical and industrial partners willing to foster collaboration and training in the field through the organization of meetings, workshops and exchange programs. The implementation of different translational projects within the network will generate a “mind-agitating” atmosphere that will promote both creativity and reactivity. To help overcome the energy-barrier that too often limits development of novel and original ideas and concepts, a core dedicated think-tank created within PROTEOSTASIS will detect outstanding and clinically relevant projects that cannot be productively tackled by individual teams and help to assemble both the appropriate funding and workforce required to translate them into medically-valuable applications.

(Descriptions are provided by the Actions directly via e-COST.)

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