Wednesday, 26 April 2023 10:01

List of projects financed by the Center for the Promotion of Science

Center for the Promotion of Science has announced a public call for applications for financial support for science promotion and popularization projects. Out of a total of 112 received project proposals for category 2 of the public call, funding was approved for ten projects (9% pass rate), and two projects were approved for the colleagues of the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Department of Hidroecology and Water Protection.

The project "BARAmetar" (project leader Dr. Tanja Vukov, IBISS) will promote the conservation of small standing waters and the environment, while the project  "Bean watchers" (project leader Dr. Mirko Đorđević, Serbian Evolutionary Society - SED) will popularize evolutionary principles, with both projects utilizing a modern approach of citizen science. You can find the ranking list of the public call:


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