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"Characterisation of ecological and conservational status of Common Wall Lizard (Podarcis muralis) in Vojvodina province, Serbia"

Friday, 4th Jun 2021, 15.00

IBISS Library

Proposal to establish China-Serbia Joint Laboratory for Natural Products and Drug Discovery was accepted on 20th May, 2021, which are extremely good news for Serbia and Balkan region.

The third Belgrade Bioinformatics Conference - BelBI2021, will be organized as a virtual event, from 21st to 25th June, 2021.

BelBI2021 is an international event, organized by the several research institutions, faculties and scientific societies from Serbia. This event covers a wide range of various topics in bioinformatics, including Big data analytics, Machine learning in biological data analysis, Biological networks, Data mining methods and their applications in biology and medicine, Bio- Ontologies, etc.

More information about the conference: https://belbi.bg.ac.rs/


The Global Young Academy,Women in Science Working Group have published a book Motherhood in Science – How children change our academic careers. This publication sheds light on the challenges of motherhood in the science sphere and academia, ranging from biased working environments and cultural and traditional expectations, to underdeveloped or missing support systems and feelings of self-guilt in a working parent.

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