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Project AquaμPlaS - "Microplastics in aquatic ecosystems of Serbia - monitoring and legal frameworks"

Lecturer: Dr. Maja Raković, Department of Hydroecology and Water Protection, Institute for Biological Research "Siniša Stanković", Institute of National Importance for the Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade (IBISS)

Time: Wednesday, 21st February 2024, 13.00

Venue: IBISS Library

The AquaμPlaS project - "Microplastics in aquatic ecosystems of Serbia - monitoring and legal frameworks" is financed through the SAFE Nature and Climate 2022-2025 call (The European Union represented by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia via WWF Adria (CRO)).

The project leader is the Group for the Development of Environmental Awareness (GRES), and the project will be implemented with the support of associates of the Department of Hydroecology and Water Protection, IBISS.

In Europe, the annual production of plastics is measured in tens of millions of metric tons ( A rough estimate predicts that 80% of plastic waste in marine ecosystems originates from land, and that its transport routes are rivers. The European Union recognized the presence of microplastics (MP) as one of major environmental problems, and prioritized research and innovation of research that will provide solutions for excessive emissions. In the Republic of Serbia (RS), there is still no regulation that the MoJ recognizes as a problem for the environment and human health, and no national monitoring has been established.

The AquaμPlaS project aims to contribute to solving this problem in the RS.

We have defined goals related to the contribution to the networking of relevant institutions in the RS with the aim of exchanging data on MoJ, assessing the real situation regarding this "new" environmental problem and motivating decision-makers to prepare legal frameworks. Raising the awareness of citizens about the importance of proper management of plastic waste and the dangers that the presence of MP in waterways represents for the living world and public health.

The project builds on the results of IBISS, obtained during the Joint Danube Survey 3 and 4 (JDS3/JDS4) and scientific publications. Based on the available data, a national center for MP ( will be established, and in accordance with international standards, the preparation of a Manual for monitoring MP in RS aquatic ecosystems is also planned.


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