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Dr. Pavle Erić from the Department of Population Genetics and Ecogenotoxicology has received the "Insects 2022 Best Paper Award" from the journal Insects. The paper, titled "Temperature-Specific and Sex-Specific Fitness Effects of Sympatric Mitochondrial and Mito-Nuclear Variation in Drosophila obscura," co-authored with dr. Aleksandra Patenković, Katarina Erić, dr. Marija Tanasković, dr. Slobodan Davidović, Mina Rakić, Marija Savić Veselinović, Marina Stamenković-Radak, and Mihailo Jelić, was recognized as one of the three best papers published in this journal in 2022.

Traditionally, on June 10, 2024, a festive celebration was held in the Botanical Garden „Jevremovac“ to mark National Science Day, which is also the birthday of Nikola Tesla.

"The influence of social isolation on emotional reactions, psychomotor activity, and antioxidative status of peripheral organs in peripubertal rats"

Thursday, 11th July 2024, 12:00

IBISS Library

During the previous days, colleagues from IBISS participated in the 3rd UNIFood International Conference - UNIFood2024 held in Belgrade from July 28 to 29.

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