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SepsAnima workshop

SepsAnima workshop will be held on February 7th, 2023 at the Lecture hall of the Institute for biological research "Siniša Stanković".

This workshop is part of the project "Novel sepsis animal models", collaboration with diaspora, funded by Science fund of Republic of Serbia.

Project connects scientists from the Department of Immunology, Institute for biological research "Siniša Stanković" - National Institute of the Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade, Serbia, Dr. Djordje Miljkovic and Dr. Suzana Stanisavljevic with colleagues from the Department of Pathology, University of Iowa, USA, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Badovinac and his team.

The workshop will start at 15h with introductory lecture, "Sepsis and autoimmunity, introduction to SepsAnima", held by Dr. Djordje Miljkovic. Dr. Suzana Stanisavljevic will present sepsis animal models "CLP model of sepsis". Afterwards, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Badovinac will talk about "Sepsis-induced alterations in T cell immunity", and PhD student from his department, Roger Berton will familiarize us with their research in a presentation titled "Sepsis Leads to Lasting Changes in Naïve CD8 T Cell Phenotype and Function". Prof. Dr. Thomas Griffith, Medical school, University of Minnesota, will close the workshop with his lecture "'Dirty' mice: A new addition to the sepsis toolbox"

The number of places is limited. Registration is mandatory at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Workshop programme can be downloaded here.


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